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Spring Clean Your Finances

Now that spring is here, you’ve probably thought about doing your annual spring clean to clear out old junk in your home. But have you considered spring-cleaning your finances? Just like household items, finances can get messy and we can hold on to unnecessary loans and debt. Here is our checklist of finances you should look at sprucing up this spring.

Refinance your home loan.

We can often forget about our home loans, and continue to keep up with our regular repayments without wondering whether we could save money in the process. Every few years you should consider looking at your home loan to see if there are any better options for refinancing it. Make sure you compare interest rates, lender fees and compound interest to ensure you get the best deal.

Consolidate your debts.

Paying interest on several debts can really add up. Instead of having to keep track of four different loans, why don’t you look at consolidating them into one, low-interest loan? Many banks and lenders offer special rates for debt consolidations, so shop around and look into rolling them all into one. 

Check your bank fees.

It’s always important to keep on top of the bank fees you’re paying. If this is something you haven’t looked at in a while, this a good time to do it. Remember to keep an eye on any extra charges you might be incurring on accounts. See if there is money to be saved on fees and cut out unnecessary duplicate accounts or cards to reduce excess dollars being spent.

Look at your investment options.

You might think you can’t afford to invest your money, but after clearing the rest of your finances you might actually find that you have some spare cash to throw into an investment property. There are plenty of benefits to owning an investment property (including regular income and tax breaks), so speak to your lender about a property or investment loan. 

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