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This isn’t just from our lending and finance experience because we have probably either driven, operated or worked with the type of truck or piece of mining equipment you need to finance. In a past life we have worked in the mining and the agriculture industries in Western Australia, just like you, trying to make a living, so we understand your goals and what you are trying to achieve. 

Mining Equipment Loans – Lowest Interest Rates

Your discussion with us is FREE financial advice. We provide modern solutions with old-fashioned service. We commit to good interest rates and fast, flexible service that works for your mine. We know you’ll be amazed by our knowledge, low-interest rates and exceptional service! 

We take the time to understand your needs because we want to be your long-term trusted, local Perth, mine finance partner.

Phone us when it suits YOU – including weekends and evenings! We are available when our competitors aren’t. I personally answer all phone calls, and if you leave a message we always phone you back! If you are looking for a quick and easy mining equipment loan, then you can definitely trust and rely on All Nation Finance.

What is mining equipment in finance?

Mining equipment finance refers to a loan or lease used for obtaining business equipment, which can include any tangible asset except real estate. It encompasses office furniture, computer peripherals, manufacturing machinery, metallurgical laboratory equipment buying (one of our team was a senior technician in the WASM metallurgical labs), trucks and company fleet vehicles.

See earthmoving equipment finance.

How are mining projects financed?

The funding for mining projects in Western Australia comes from various sources such as private investment, equity from mining contractors, listing on stock exchanges, export credit agencies or finance brokers securing the best mining equipment loan for your mining project in WA. Sovereign wealth funds may also invest in these projects. To secure offtake, investors may consider private investment in mining projects.

Low rate mining equipment finance options with no hidden extras.

We have access to a good range of mining equipment finance. We only work with accredited banks and finance companies.

We individually tailor all mining loans and mine finance to suit your specific mining needs. We offer the best mining equipment finance in Western Australia. 

All Nation Finance is a Perth-based company, looking after our Western Australian mining companies.

All Nation Finance are ASIC approved holders of an Australian Credit License & members of ACFA, MFAA, FINSIA & CPA.

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Best mining equipment loans in Perth

We provide your WA mining business with independent and free buying advice.

Mining Equipment Finance with Poor or Bad Credit

If you’ve had bad or poor credit, we have a number of finance and loan options available to help structure your loan application. We want your loan to get approved. Our commitment goes even beyond this; we want you to have a new start in 2024. We all know that things don’t always work out exactly the way miners plan, but sometimes all we need is a new start to borrowing for new mines or existing mine expansion in Western Australia.