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Loan Protection Insurance in Perth

Great loan protection insurance helps ensure you don’t default on your loan repayments when one of life’s difficult challenges come your way. You can protect yourself from nasty surprises like sickness, unemployment, redundancy, health trauma or disability. Protection from loan default helps you keep your assets and also protects your credit score by ensuring that your loans are paid on time.

So, How Does Loan Protection Insurance Work?

When you purchase a loan protection insurance policy, the insurance company is agreeing to pay your insured debts, up to an agreed limit within your policy. The details of your policy include things like how much the insurance will pay, under what circumstances the insurance will go into effect, and for how long the insurance is effective.

What  Kinds  of  Loans  Can  I Insure?

Most loans can be insured under a Loan Protection Insurance Policy. This includes business loans and consumer loans. This should also be considered as additional protection to any other policies you may have such as Life Insurance or Medical Cover.

How  Do  I  Find  a  Great   Loan   Protection  Insurance  Policy?

There are several things you need to consider when you’re looking for the right loan protection insurance.

  • Your income sources — If you are self-employed, work part time, on a short term contract, loan protection insurance can help, but you may need help finding cover.
  • Your financial situation — Do you have other sources of emergency funds?
  • What is the cost of your loan? What will the cost of your insurance policy be? It is usually a good idea to purchase loan protection insurance at the same time that you get your loan, but discussing issues like this with a professional from All Nation Finance can help!

Why   Should  I   Get  My  Loan  Protection  Insurance  from  All Nation Finance?

At All Nation Finance, it’s our job to make sure you have the right loan and that you have considered appropriate insurance cover for you and your family. Our clients are our priority, and we’re here to help guide you by offering you the best solutions to consider. We will take the time to get to know you, find out your needs, understand your finances, and offer you a few great solutions including loan protection insurance options to choose from.

Our finance professionals are here to help understand your options so you can make informed decisions.

As a major finance broker, we hold accreditations with some of the largest insurance companies out there, like Allianz and Tower Insurance, so we have confidence we can get you a great too.

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