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The Guide For Buying A Used Vehicle From A Dealer

  • Do your vehicle research first and have some idea of the type of vehicle you believe suits you. Start your search with a strategy and plan.
  • Have a budget in mind – We have friends in finance that can to provide up-front finance quotes to help.
  • Do not forget that Dealership Sales Staff are employed to sell vehicles – it is their daily Job. They are highly trained professionals. Every day they meet dozens of people exactly like you wanting to buy a motor vehicle. What you hear said is new to you, but sales staff are scripted and they have been trained on what to say and how to win your trust and confidence. Always be on alert and trust no one – Buying a vehicle is not a new way to make friends.
  • Take a family member or friend along for a second opinion. Be suspicious and if your instincts say it’s “not right”, then it’s usually “not right”. Listen to your instincts!
  • Inspect the vehicle at the dealer premises – Do not agree to meet and inspect at Car Parks or alternative public locations. The premises may help indicate the type of business operator you are dealing with. Bright, successful, vibrant and busy or a rundown, worn out “bunky” yard.
  • Always ask the vehicle registration renewal dates – when is the expiry date and how much is the expected renewal cost. Make sure this is affordable. Double check the vehicle compliance under the hood. Make sure of the build and model dates are correct.
  • Inspect the vehicle “Log Book” – Check to see that all scheduled servicing is up to date. If there is no vehicle log book – why? Seek a logical explanation.
  • We always recommend you have the vehicle professionally inspected. Modern vehicles are complex and the small cost of a professional vehicle inspection may save you thousands. We have a list of qualified experts that we recommend.
  • Investigate what the vehicle is estimated to be worth. Contact us as we can assist.
  • “Be Protected” provide fantastic motor vehicle warranty options – check with us first and discuss the benefits and costs before just accepting what the motor dealer offers.                                                                                                                                      


  • Check ALL details on the registration documents match the vehicle and the vehicles compliance plate – look for evidence of tampering – take photos. Motor dealers must provide you with good title to the vehicle, but it is better to do these checks up front and before you make payment and before you take delivery.
  • READ All documents and Purchase Contracts in full before you sign! Make sure you add ANY contract conditions that suit you. For example, the following two additional conditions are very common and added by most buyers:
    • “Subject to an independent mechanical inspection of your choice and approval”
    • “Subject to finance approval under terms acceptable to the buyer”.

There may be a range of contract conditions that suit your circumstances – make sure you have considered them all. You should not be under pressure to sign and documents! The “Sales Staff” are trained to make you feel like you must SIGN NOW! Take your time and remain in control.

  • Be aware of feeling under pressure – some comments and sales tactics that you may encounter:
    • “You will not find another vehicle like this one” – sign now!
    • “This discount is only available today” – sign now!
    • “We have another cash buyer on their way” – sign now!
  • If you do decide to buy make sure you get signed receipts for deposit payment.
  • Check on vehicle transfer costs. Make sure you have also allowed for the transfer cost in your budget.
  • Get some insurance quotes up front before you agree to buy. Make sure the insurance premium is also affordable. Again we have finance and insurance friends that can help.
  • It is better to make full payment with a Bank Cheque rather than Cash or Electronic Payment.                                                                    


  • After agreeing to buy a vehicle with the Dealership Sales Staff many people tend to drop their guard because they believe the buying process is over. In reality the real buying decisions has only just begun. Buyers often spend, days, weeks or even months researching and negotiating on the purchase of a vehicle. However, after agreeing to buy a vehicle they are introduced to the Aftercare Manager and the Finance Manager and many people buy “Window Tint”, “Insurances”, “Finance Packages”, “Paint Protection”, “Fabric or Leather Protection”, “Rust Protection”, etc. with no further investigation at all. Do research up front on these products. You are welcome to call us for advice. 

Please call us any time for advice and discussion – we are here to help you!

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