Truck Finance

Truck finance – be in it for the long haul

As more people take up the running of a small business, the transport industry doesn’t change. Australians are now wanting to purchase their own trucks as well as driving the trucks owned by their company. If you’re looking to make money as a small business in the transportation game, there are a lot of benefits. A gap in the industry has growing wages and incentives, especially along the west coast of Australia, where it is estimated that truckies earn double the money of their east coast counterparts.

A truck driver without a truck has a significant cost disadvantage as they have to hire a vehicle or have money deducted from their salaries if they work for an employer. Truck financing enables truck drivers to pay off their own vehicle in installments that suit them. Whether you want a big rig or a moving van, here are our top four tips for getting truck finance:

1. Budget for repaymentstruckfinance

The first thing finance brokers in Perth will look at when assessing your application is whether or not you can afford the repayments. A truck is a major investment so repayments can take up a major portion of your regular income.

2. Consider different lenders

Don’t walk into a bank where you’ve had an account since you were a kid. Speak to a good finance broker in Perth and they will have a whole suite of different providers for you to choose from.

3. Set aside savings

While finance is incredibly helpful, real cash savings can go a long way toward achieving the right loan. You don’t want to be strapped for cash when you need to pay insurances and registrations. If you have cash set aside, when it comes to choosing your truck you can add comfortable and useful add-ins and features.

4. Don’t forget your taxes

If you’re purchasing a truck for business, you need to consider the availability of tax concessions and other benefits. A good truck finance broker in Perth will have information about tax concessions available for your consideration. They can be challenging to work out without a good broker.

If you want to take advantage of skill and expertise when seeking a finance broker in Perth, call All Nation Finance. We can help with your truck finance and get you on the road to success.