Smart Debt


Smart debts will make you money in the long run

Any loan is a big step for many Australians – securing financing can get the keys to a dream home, put a new car in the driveway or kick start the next successful business.

As one of the leading finance brokers in Perth, All Nation Finance, provides a wide range of financial services; from car loans, finance leases and novated leases to Chattel mortgages, home loans, property investment loans and business and commercial loans.

The one thing all of the loans we provide have in common is they are smart debt – the kind of financial arrangements that will help make you money and provide financial security in the long run.


Smart debt v’s dumb debt

Racking up big bills on your credit card to buy designer shoes may help you look good now, but that kind of spending will not strengthen your finances over time. That’s dumb debt.

But taking out a loan to buy a house will place you on the property ladder, and position you to create long-term wealth as the value of the property increases. A car loan will get you from A to B for many years, a business loan could be the seed that grows a big company and a loan for investments could secure your retirement.

Smart debts like these secure the foundations of your personal financial goals, and with time and patience they will place you in a stronger financial position.


Making smart debt work for you

The best way to make smart debt work for you is to find the right type of loan that matches your financial goals and fits with your financial circumstances and suiting your long term needs.

When the loan is arranged, paying it down diligently should be a regular part of your financial planning, and you can negotiate arrangements with your loan provider to make this as effective as possible – you could even inject extra amounts if the circumstances allow it. This will pay off the debt faster, and allow you to enjoy more of the benefits.

All Nation Finance works closely with its clients to advise the best possible loans, solutions and conditions. We believe a loan – and smart debt – should be part of your overall financial strategy. One that allows your personal and business goals to prosper.

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