Private Purchase for Used Cars


  • Buying a vehicle is a big financial decision – Do your vehicle research first and have some idea of the type of vehicle you believe suits you. Start the buying search with a plan.
  • Have a budget in mind – we are always happy to provide finance quotes up front to help.
  • Always be on alert and trust no one – Buying a vehicle is not a new way to make friends.
  • Be suspicious and if your instincts say it’s “not right”, then it’s usually “not right”.  Listen to your instincts!
  • Take a family member or friend along for a second opinion.
  • Inspect the vehicle at the seller’s residence – Do not agree to meet and inspect at Car Parks or alternative public locations.
  • Do not buy at night – it is better to inspect in day light.carbuying
  • When inspecting always insist on seeing the vehicle registration documents and the sellers photo ID – take a photo. 
  • Check the address on the registration and ID documents. Make sure they match – if they do not match or the home inspection address is different, then why is it different?
  • Check ALL details on the registration documents match the vehicle and the vehicles compliance plate – look for evidence of tampering – take photos. Double check the vehicle compliance under the hood. Make sure of the build and model dates are correct
  • Inspect the vehicle “Log Book” – Check to see that all scheduled servicing is up to date.
  • It is always better to have the vehicle professionally inspected. Modern vehicles are complex and the small cost of a professional vehicle inspection may save you thousands.
  • Your private purchased may now be eligible for a Mechanical Warranty. Previously this was only available through licenced car dealers. Through “Be Protected” we can provide warranty options – check with us and discuss the benefits.
  • Ask the seller if any finance is owing against the vehicle – If so – to whom & how much? Always see evidence of the finance payout. It is preferred to make direct payment to the finance company. Obtain copies of receipt if the seller must pay a finance shortfall.
  • Always conduct a PPSR Search ( – read the PPSR search report in full and make sure you fully understand it (Stolen/Write-Off/Finance/etc.). The search report only costs $4.00. If finance is arranged via “All Nation Finance” we undertake these checks for you.
  • If you decide to buy make sure you get signed receipts for deposit payment. Take a print out of our vehicle deposit receipt and purchase receipt.
  • It is better to make full payment with a Bank Cheque rather than Cash or Electronic Payment.
  • Get an insurance quote up front before you agree to buy. Make sure the insurance premium is also affordable.
  • Take with you a copy of government vehicle transfer forms so these can be easily completed and signed. To save time check online for your local State Government Forms and requirements.

Please call us any time for advice and discussion – we are here to help you!

Contact: Alan 0424 185 442 or Gayle 0411 494 800