FAQ – Be Protected

Bestoptions FAQ – Warranties!


What is a warranty?

  • A Warranty provides you protection, comfort and peace of mind if you breakdown and are stranded or are facing unexpected expensive mechanical repairs.


Why do I need a warranty?

  • A warranty will protect you against costly repair bills and offer you the protection against breakdowns which can hit when you least expect them.


What is different about these warranties?

  • Our warranties provide nationwide protection and are available even if you purchased from a private seller.


Do I have to buy my car through a licenced dealer?

  • You can buy from a private seller.


Can I buy from a private seller and still get a warranty?

  • Yes! Although for your added protection we would like an independent inspection or a 30 day claim exclusion may apply.


Where must I get my regular servicing and maintenance done?

  • Any qualified and licenced mechanical technician – This is completely your choice.


Who can carry out my repairs claim?

  • Generally any competitive, qualified and licenced mechanical technician. However, we may prefer to choose a suitable licenced repairer.


How often must I service my vehicle?

  • Every six months or 10,000 km’s. Any basic service is fine. We recommend you shop around. You can choose any low cost service – it doesn’t need to be according to the log book or dealer. Don’t forget the manufacturer isn’t providing you with cover anymore.


Do I have to use any special products for my servicing?

  • No


How can I pay for my warranty?

  • We have a range of payment options including:
  • Visa/Master Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Monthly payment options over either 10 months or 20 months
  • Financed – Include within your monthly finance payments 
  • Contact us to discuss the best payment option for you.


Is my warranty transferrable?

  • Yes – In fact if you decide to sell we recommend you include in your advertisement that a warranty is included. It may even help you sell more quickly and at a higher price.


What is covered under my warranty?

  • This depends on the warranty available. Please make sure you read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement appropriate for the warranty you are considering. If you need any assistance at all please contact us.