Choose the Right Finance Broker

How to choose the right finance broker

Qualified professionals have studied for years with the sole purpose of specialising in something that the general public might not have the first idea about. So how someone from the general is public supposed to recognise a good finance broker? There are hundreds of finance brokers in Perth. What is the best way to choose one that is right for you?

A good finance broker will either make you money, save you money or both, but the wrong finance broker can be a costly mistake. Here are some factors to check and consider before you select a finance broker:
1. Does your finance broker represent multiple lenders?

A finance broker in Perth should have access to a whole suite of products by a range of banks and lenders. For you that means a much broader suite of products to offer you than any one lender or broker will directly have. If your finance broker is only offering you a couple of products, consider seeking the service of a different broker.

2. Does your finance broker offer a suite of comparison products?

 Financial products can be really challenging to compare. Information is not presented in any uniform way by lenders and financial institutions. However, a good finance broker in Perth will have the tools, systems and software to enable them to draw comparisons specific for you.

3. Does your broker have an Australian Credit Licence?

A reputable finance broker in Perth will have an Australian Credit Licence to allow them to engage in credit activities. Your broker should also be accredited under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and be a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) or both.

4. Size them up

You need to be able to communicate naturally and feel totally comfortable with your broker. Meeting someone face to face is the best way to gauge whether you feel confident asking questions and collaborating to ensure you end up with the right product on the market for your situation.

5. Assess their fees and charges

We want you to shop around and find the best deal for you. Your finance broker in Perth should not cost you a cent.

If you want a finance broker in Perth to make you money, save you money and get a financial product that works for you, call All Nation Finance.