Top 6 Motor Vehicle Breakdowns

Top 6 Motor Vehicle Breakdowns Every car owner, at some point in their lives, will experience a breakdown. It’s annoying, time consuming and can be costly if you’re not covered by a comprehensive car cover. Unfortunately, for most car owners, breakdowns are a phenomena that just can’t be avoided. The following are the top six […]

Novated Lease

Novated Lease What is a novated lease?  We’ve all heard the term ‘novated lease,’ but it’s helpful to consider what it actually means and the difference between a novated lease and other types of car leasing and purchase. Novated leasesA novated lease is a popular type of car lease which is very common with Australian […]

RBA and Rates – Fix or Not

RBA and Rates – Fix or Not Home loan rate increases and what it means for you Westpac recently announced that they will be increasing the variable home loan rate by 20 basis points from November this year. The announcement was a shock to many Australian home owners, although it did not come as a […]

Spring Clean Finance

Spring Clean Your Finances Now that spring is here, you’ve probably thought about doing your annual spring clean to clear out old junk in your home. But have you considered spring-cleaning your finances? Just like household items, finances can get messy and we can hold on to unnecessary loans and debt. Here is our checklist […]